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100% Compostable Food Containers

Most paper take-out containers are lined with plastics that still end up in our landfills. Our bagasse food containers are plastic-free and fully biodegradable!


Say Goodbye to Plastic and Paper Bags!

As an exclusive distributor of EcoNest, we bring to you the CassaBags- the truly sustainable alternative to plastic and even paper bags!

The Triple Bottom Line

People. Planet. Profit

In a traditional capitalist economy, a company's success is measured only by profit, often referred to as "the bottom line". 


At Bee, we subscribe to The Triple Bottom Line –  a concept that measures not just a company’s financial performance, but also their social and environmental impact. 


To us, the triple bottom line is our beeline towards a greener future.

2022-04-29 10.05.32.jpg


A truly sustainable business is all about people – from taking care of customers, employees, and communities through fair hiring and fair trade practices, to eliminating negative impacts on the environment and people’s livelihood through the use of non-toxic and biodegradable materials.


Businesses played a huge role in creating the environmental challenges we face today – which means they, too, have the potential to create large-scale solutions. Shifting to renewable energy, reducing waste, recycling, and streamlining logistics practices are some of the ways to cut down on their carbon footprint.


Being sustainable is too expensive! But is it? In reality, unsustainable, low-cost business practices today will lead to higher costs in the future due to resource scarcity. Meanwhile, as sustainability becomes the norm, the cost of sustainable materials will continue to become more and more affordable – all while preserving the planet.

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About Us

It’s no secret that Palawan is one of the world’s best kept secrets – but neither is the very real threat of single-use plastics to the province’s pristine beauty and rich biodiversity. 


Banning plastics – which many municipalities in Palawan have done – is only the beginning of our sustainability journey. Having sustainable, accessible, and high-quality alternatives is the next step. 


This is where Bee flies in, bridging the gap between our need for real, sustainable solutions and our collective dream for a greener future. 


Our vision is to become a trusted provider of sustainable business solutions and consumer products in the country. As a proud partner of EcoNest, our mission is to grow our community of sustainability champions and influence business owners to keep the triple bottom line at the heart of their operations – first in Palawan, then the rest of the Philippines. 

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Let's Thrive. Let's Bee. 🐝

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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