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Bee-hind the Logo

We at Bee subscribe to the Triple Bottom Line- a framework that allows us to measure success not only through financial performance- but also through environmental and social impact. We at Bee encourage everyone to keep the three Ps in mind: People.Planet.Profit.

The Triple Bottom Line is our Beeline towards a greener future.

From the center of snowflakes to honeycombs, to the human DNA and water molecules, hexagons are the building blocks of many wonders essential to our daily lives. Hexagons are balanced shapes that maximize the most space with the least materials possible. This is exactly why bees build their honeycombs in this form. Talk about harmony and efficiency!

Inspired by the pristine beauty of Palawan, Bee was born with a single vision: a greener future. Like bees that work together to build their hive, we dream of collaborating with our community so that we can build a sustainable tomorrow together.


Let's Thrive. Let's Bee. 🐝

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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